What is SupDucks VX?

The Boardwalk is entering 3D...Introducing VX Ducks! Mint your duck into a metaverse character and experience a new level of the boardwalk.

SupDucks VX are your favorite PFP represented in Voxelized form. The assets confrom to the standard human model in Sandbox and should be compatible with the every growing assortment of voxel based metaverse accessories.

vx modelVoxel world background
Since last July you’ve been rocking your 2D Supducks avatar but this is the first step in realizing the ultimate vision of being able to explore immersive environments and platforms as the metaverse continues to develop.
vx modelVoxel world background
SupDucks VX is compatible with Sandbox but the utility doesn’t end there. You will also be able to take your VX to any platform that supports the voxel assets.
vx modelVoxel world background
SupDucks VX will give holders opportunities to engage in new experiences with the IP. This includes things like gaming, player housing, inventories, upgradeability, social hubs, land ownership, digital commerce and more.

Enter A
New Dimension

The time has come to boldly go where no duck has gone before.