The Laboratory Wacky Ducks!

Dr. Drool has been milking toads since the 80's. Now you can finally harvest that sweet froggo juice for the ultimate trip!

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Step 1
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Wack Yo Duck!

This will upgrade your Duck to a Wacky Duck Lvl ???


When can SupDucks lick MegaToads?

4/20. 4:20 PT

How much $VOLT will it cost to lick a MegaToad?

The cost to lick starts at 500 $VOLT and then indefinitely increases by 0.1 $VOLT with each subsequent lick.

What is the utility of WackyDucks?

Eventually when the Duck God comes, he'll bring a drop for WackyDucks. Once the drop is claimed, the WackyDuck will become unenlightened. So, stay wack if you want to meet the Duck God.

When and how often does the Duck God come?

The Duck God doesn't have a schedule and will show up every now and again.

How wacky can my SupDucks get?

Melvin! Melvin's Endowment, your MegaToad level, will affect the trippy effect of your WackyDuck.

How many times can I lick my MegaToad?

As many as you want.

Can I unwack my duck if it's having a bad trip?

If you want, you can cancel the enlightened effect before meeting the Duck God for free plus gas.

Will licking the MegaToad burn the MegaToad?


Will WackyDucks be a new collection?

No, WackyDucks will be a SupDucks metadata upgrade, like with KingFrogs and Snacks. The difference is that it's temporary and only lasts until the Duck God comes.